Hail the Chicken Brick!

What's a chicken brick?!

.......well, it's a clay pot to cook a chicken in, made from terracotta and proving to be a big hit with those who have used it. There is nothing new about it, they were trendy in the 70's, but it has since lost favour in modern households (don't ask me why because it cooks a chicken perfectly!!). The benefits of using a chicken brick are many, a clean oven, little effort, a moist and flavoursome chicken, they're reusable and they can be used to serve at the table - effective and pretty.

How it works.

1. soak in water 10 mins

2. drain and place chicken inside

3. season and put lid on

4. place in cold oven and turn up to temperature

5. remove and serve

The chicken stays moist as the soaking of the pot allows the porous terracotta to absorb water which then turns to steam during the cooking thus effectively steaming the chicken. The skin will brown also but to crisp the skin fully remove the lid for the last ten minutes.

Wash as any other pot but dry well and place it somewhere that allows air to pass round it. If put in a cupboard whilst not completely dry mould could form, this can just be washed off but it is unsightly.


Above: unfired, finished chicken bricks